RenrgyX provides consultative services to align employers, governments, universities, and training institutions to well-trained IT workers. We focus on bridging the technology divide and bring together job seekers and employers through strategic train to hire consulting engagements.

When the demand for a specific skill set is high and the clients need their staff to be productive, our effective hire-train-deploy strategy ensures that the students are equipped with specific technical skills.

How it Works?


We help our partners hire the right candidate through targeted sourcing, comprehensive pre-screening such as, aptitude testing, cultural and expectation interviews and hands-on training.



We work with our partners to find the right candidates from various sources, train to the exact skill set and deploy them on projects once the training is over.



We take our time, vetting, training and monitoring to ensure that their skill sets are updated with the latest developments in the industry. This hands-on approach increases our retention rate and the performance of the candidate resulting in higher ROI.

About Us

We are a global IT Services Product Development and Business Solutions firm based in Maryland and Atlanta, with a strong focus on delivering flexible IT solutions for today’s complex business technologies. We drive Success for Clients by leveraging our expertise in IT Solutions and Business Process improvements.

Renrgyx has acquired many alliances with accredited universities in preparing ambitious candidates for tomorrow's technology. Our intensive Train-Hire program is to give skilled but “not quite qualified” job seekers the skills to succeed.

Our clients receive the advantage of hiring the trained professionals who are determined to meet their expectations. Decades of working with top businesses to find the top notch candidates makes us industry experts. This expertise helps us bridge the gap between education and job attainment, moving swiftly to satisfy business requirements.

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We help our clients meet business objectives by providing well trained developers and integrators in areas such as full stack development, Salesforce, Servicenow and other technologies.

Our onsite intensive program which covers soft and technical skills as requested by our deployment partners. Upon successful completion, the candidate is integrated into the client’s team.

Life as a Developer


Grab your coffee and let’s start coding!

Classes begin every weekday at 9:00 AM. Students begin with a coding exercise that may seem simple, but requires a great deal of brain work to complete. After that, you will into flow lecture mode, where the instructor or a guest lecturer will fill your mind with the wonders of current industry coding practices.



Relax in the classroom, take lunch in the kitchen, or explore what our awesome neighborhoods have to offer. Both our Atlanta and Maryland campuses have great amenities.


Afternoon Class / Lab

After lunch, you plow right ahead pushing our learning further! The instructor might start a new technology or focus on overcoming roadblocks. Students might be assigned additional requirements pushing the morning project further.


Official End Time: Not Done Yet!

The day officially ends at 5:00 PM but software development requires consistent learning and problem solving. After a full day of coding our students are charged with completing additional homework designed to push their abilities as far as possible given such a condensed amount of time. Many developers stay late to work on problems together!--


RenrgyX recruits entry to mid-level candidat and train them based on our clients’ business requirements. We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and technology requirements and provide them with candidates who can add value to their projects. We provide:

Free Training

  • Our candidates are selected via an intense skills assessment and screening process which includes interviews by the client. Selected candidates are then trained to the client’s requirements and later deployed on the project.

Effective Placement

    Our Talent Development Associates continuously monitors the students to ensure on the job success. We provide soft skills coaching on career planning, salary, relocation and soft skill development to ease the transition of our candidates.
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